Exhibition at Estudio Nómada

Here are some pictures from the opening reception  in Barcelona last night. This was a group show with Estudio Nómada. We had a very good turn out in a great space next to the Arc de Triomf.

Crossover/Cruce de Vias

University of Nebraska Omaha, Weber Fine Arts Building: May 16 – August 16, 2016
Crossover/Cruce de Vias: After Kuitca

Organized by Alicia Candiani and featuring: Silvana Blasbalg, Carla Beretta, Alicia Candiani, Paola Cohen, Cristina Duro, Maria Guerreiro, Nöel Loeschbor, Adriana Moracci, Santiago Ocampo, Carlos Scannapieco, Viviana Sierra, Federico Signorelli, Cristina Solía, Laura Tecce, Normal Villarreal, Hera Chan, Jennifer Pickering, Julie Krone, and Toni Mosley, Anne Heyvaert, Marcela Casals, John Hitchcock, Alexandra Leeds, Nico Mazza, and Barbara Putnam

Crossover/Cruce de Vias

A group exhibition April 6 – May 16, 2015 at Western Gallery at Western Washington University including my work, Infectious Laughter.

In 2003 Crossover/Cruce de Vias was created by Cara Jaye (Washington) and Miguel Rivera (Mexico), two artists collaborating together while working in different countries.

Later stages of this project have moved forward with an addition of new artists with varying ranges of artistic practices, all participating in a residency/exhibition in Kansas City and Buenos Aires; to an international call for artists to work on engraved plates by Miguel Rivera whose imagery deals with his personal narrative dealing with invisible threats, social unrest and a concern towards means of domination through imagery of viruses, geometry used in defense structures and torture devices.

The pool of applicants included Argentinian and international participants from Mexico, USA, Canada, South Africa, England, Colombia and South Korea. Each participant chose one or two images from pre-printed matrixes originally created by Rivera leaving them with the challenge to create a “bridge” between the concept of the original image(s) and the transformation into their own studio practice and ideas.

The exhibition of these international works will be curated by Western alumna Amy Chaloupka.

Kansas City Artists Coalition

This exhibition, hosted by the Kansas  City Artists Coalition, ran from February to June 2013. It was organized by the Fundación Ace in Argentina to showcase artworks produced as part of an in-progress international collaborative printmaking project between artists. Works on exhibition question the established norms of the original production and authorship of artistic works.

The Mars Moon Project

Solo Exhibition

Did you ever hear the story about how Mars was going to be so close to the earth that it would appear to the naked eye at the same size as the Moon? This idea started circulating in 2003 and is revisited every August when Mars reaches its closest orbit to the Earth. This idea is unique among urban legends because it does not consider events in urban space, but rather perpetuates an understanding of something remote – Mars as big as the Moon! This has entered popular imagination and returns each year, circulating through social media and word of mouth. As a legend, this narrative exists through a complex set of relationships where, society, science and knowledge intersect.

This installation is a collaboration between myself and artist Sean Newton. The show is the first in a series of collaborative projects planned on the same theme. Mars Moon Project: Ajijic  runs until April 30, 2011 at the Centro Cultural de Axixic.

About Sean:
Sean Newton
 studied at the Theatre Arts Performance & Design Program at Douglas College and painting and photography at the Vancouver School of Art (Emily Carr College of Art & Design). Through the early 80’s he exhibited in a number of group shows while living in Europe, and became a regular photographic contributor to the International Herald Tribune, A Touch of Paris and other periodicals. Upon returning to Canada, Sean ran a successful business creating hand-painted clothing and matching acrylic jewelry, exhibiting textile art and paintings in individual and group shows. He is currently the General Manager of Caravan Farm Theatre, one of Canada’s premier professional outdoor theatre companies, located in Armstrong, British Columbia.