Pop Up Exhibition

The artists at Airgentum organized a pop up exhibition of our work. We wanted to share what we made with the local community and had lots of fun in the process.

Participating artists:

Jennifer Pickering
Shazia Ahmad
Riley Strom
Vitalii Khoma
Caroline Deschene
Wendy Deschene
Jeffrey Schmuki

This piece is a collaboration between Rosa Aphalo, a writer who is interning with Airgentum, and myself. She wrote the poetry to go along with prints I made of the “Camino de Fazcardiel” mural.


My paintings from the Armonía project

We had a very fun time sharing our work in the public square while enjoying some refreshments with new friends.

The exhibition was dynamic and we were able to move the works around over the course of the evening. Painting from my Armonía project.

Shazia Ahmad, from Montreal and Pakistan, and I with a painting I made of Raven and Robilargo (Cyanopica/Magpie).


Koco (with the beard) organized the pop up exhibition. He lives in Castilblanco and make it possible for us to put the show together. On his left is Riley, an American artist along with her abstract paintings.



Wendy, Canadian artist, with her and her partner Jeff’s work Monsantra. Little robot plants to help instigate conversation on environmental issues.


The Plaza Amarillo, where we exhibited our work on the last night of the residency. A great farewell!

Shazia, artist from Pakistan/Canada, next to her diorama. She made a fun model of the residency seating area.

This is Vitalii Khoma, an artist from the Ukraine.

Camino de FAZCARDIEL- mural painting

Painting the long wall.

Me, painting…

Samuel, a Mexican artist, collaborating on the wall.

Work in progress.

Discussing with Martina, the residency manager.

Rosa, the residency intern, painting the top of the wall.


Martina and José Luis painting the borders.