Camino de Fazcardiel

2019 - This mural project is a collaborative work done for the community of Castilblanco de los Arroyos in Spain, organized by the Airgentum residency. The "Camino de Fazcardiel" is a response to the painted mural of the VIrgin of [...]


armonía وئام او انسجام

2019 - I have been living in the Middle East for the past five years. I moved with the hope of gaining a better understanding of the region and its people. From home, what I heard daily from the media [...]


Describe to me the Desert

2015 - Which wave/ They describe to me the desert/ And forget the grain of sand/ In a wave that still runs by the sea/ They describe my many steps/ On the shore/ While the sea does not know/ In [...]



2014 - This print was inspired by Argentinian artist Guillermo Kuitca, Naked Tango, 2004. I approached the theme of cycles from the perspective of dance and the process of moving through an emotional cycle of loss. This work asks how [...]


Infectious Laughter

2013 - This work was made at Proyecto Ace in Buenos Aires as part of the Crossover Residency. During the week-long residency, participating artists were asked to respond to a series of prints by Mexican artist Miguel Rivera exploring various [...]


Mars Café

2012 - "Mars Café"is a social intervention, where participants take an active role in the imagination of the future. The Café is planned as an ongoing international discussion forum that explores a diversity of perspectives about our collective futures. As [...]


Unpacked 2

2011 - Working with suitcases brings up recent histories of travel, circulation and exchange. The holes cut through the suitcases light up, creating moon-like reflections on the water. The inner fabrics add colour and occasionally a 1970′s floral pattern. This [...]


Mars Moon Project: Ajijic

2011 - "Mars Moon Project: Ajijic", reproduces the view from the window of the gallery as a panoramic photo. However, the image is only partially visible. It can be glimpsed through a series of holes that are marked and mapped [...]



2009 - This multi-directional sign was created for display in an apartment window on Pandosy Street in Kelowna BC. The apartment is located across the street from a busy brothel, which displays a fluorescent OPEN sign 24 hours a day. [...]



2008/09 - "Control" is a freestanding language-based sculpture, 12 feet long by 5 feet tall. Individual letters are constructed using approximately 15 individual remotes held together on a steel frame. Remote controls are familiar domestic objects designed to ease access [...]



2008 - Stacks of suitcases appear to lift off from the floor, following a trajectory towards the viewer's line of sight. Drawing attention to the interior of these cases evokes a sense of absence or a collective trou de mémoire. [...]



2008 - This digital print examines ideas of mass entertainment and was published in Boredom Fighters, a collection of graphic poems that brings together eighteen works that fall somewhere between a graphic novel and poetic verse.

Travel Case

2005 - "Travel Case" conjures up concerns with surveillance. Security and privacy especially for air travel has undergone major changes since these cases were first new. The tourist’s identification, country of origin, travel history, and criminal record are open to [...]



2004 - "Stacks" was exhibited at the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery at the University of British Columbia. Shelving from the Main University Library was installed in the art gallery in order to critique the circulation of knowledge and [...]



2003 - This series explores protests both as a subject which seeks to subvert power structures and as a metaphor for painting after conceptual art.


2002 - "Reference" was a site-specific installation at the Frankfurt am Main City Library. Complimentary blue and orange colours were combined with books in the library stacks. The patterns formed by this juxtaposition reference the relationship of art to text [...]


Joy Ride

2001 - "Joyride" isolates a paragraph of the original text which describes the motivations behind stealing cars among youth. Model cars swerve among the lines of text, steering an uncertain course between the object and the written critique.

Circular Reasoning

2001 - In "Circular Reasoning", text has been cut out of the book leaving only a fragment from which the reader might reconstruct the original subject.

Alternate Reasoning

2001 - "Alternate Reasoning" frames sections of obscured text with coloured mats like those used to frame paintings. The effect denies access to the original text while suggesting an Alternate reading.

A Man In Charge

2001 - "Man in Charge" reworks the idea of an overarching power figure. During an exhibition it was said that this work “rolls off easily”.