History of the Future

Co-curated by Jasmina Karabeg and I, this exhibition runs online until May 20 at http://historyofthefuture.ca/

History of the Future examines ways to envision and create the future. Threatened by environmental changes, looking at the shaky economic future and rising inequality we collectively, as humanity, search for points of certainty in the most diverse realms of our lives. This project tackles the process of developing knowledge and narratives about the future, while examining how we collectively create the future itself. Technologies of information, visualisation and communication have played a pivotal role in the creation not only of our present but also of our future. History of the Future actively engages with these technologies.

Artists: Judy Cheung, Cease Wyss, Pudy Tong, Mariel Belanger, Chris Bose, Bracken H’anuse Corlett, Brian Kent Gotro, Jude Norris and Jeremy Owen Turner.